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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fuseproject: See Better To Learn Better

'See Better To Learn Better' by design studio Fuseproject is their latest effort in designing for humanity. it is a free eyeglass program in partnership with the Mexican government. The reality in mexico is that 11% of kids have difficulty learning due to issues of poor vision. The problem is further compounded by the stigma of glass as a sign of handicap.

To address both issues, the design of the frames provide kids with numerous colors and shape configurations. With 5 different frame options in 7 different colors, the program hopes to create an element of fun and introduce the idea of glasses in a much lighter and approachable manner.

The frames are made from an advanced plastic, Grilamid, that is almost unbreakable, and the two-part design allows for lenses to be easily inserted in the field when new prescriptions are filled. 

All pics & info via designboom

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