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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Custom Rubik-O Eyewear Launched

Watch the Azzurri with Custom RUBIK-O. Designed especially for the World Cup in South Africa,Custom RUBIK-O is now also available in the colours of the Italian flag to pay tribute to the Italian football team. White for the front frame and temples, with green and red for the hinge.

FOVS launches Custom RUBIK-O, the customizable eyewear featuring clean, trendy lines made from soft rubber (an innovative elastomer) and polycarbonate UV400 lenses.

With its customisable design, Custom RUBIK-O is unique and exclusive. These glasses are available in a multitude of different colour combinations, and come with a front frame and a pair of temples in black and white and a set of plastic hinges in a wide range of shades to be mixed and matched as the mood takes you.
Now you can create your very own totally unique eyewear with just four easy movements. The packaging includes one front frame, two temples and twelve coloured hinges.

Custom RUBIK-O can also be mounted with every type of prescription lenses as the front frame features an original standard curve.

All pics & info via opticalvisionresources

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