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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

anon Optics Summer 2009 Collection

anon Optics releases unique colorways in a varierty of different styles. A couple of styles such as the Hombre and Contender in a “Blacked Out / Murdered Out” color where details are black on black.

While the other unique color and treatment spin is the matte finishes on various styles including Hollyweird in Purple, Burnout in Red, Mary-Go-Round in Baby Blue, and Dallas in Chocolate/ Tan. As for a style offering, anon has pushed the envelope with two round pieces in the Wizard and Mary-Go-Round.

Be sure to check out their official website to see all of the styles in all of their colorways and to check out the anon surf/snow/skate personalities! All of these styles are now available and retail information can be found at their website.

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