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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oakley - Polarized Frogskin Sunglasses

Added to Oakley extensive Frogskin designs this Summer are 2 new editions - the Polarized Frogskin Sunglasses. Still retained the classic silhouette, its distinctness is in the lens, where Oakley implemented its unique polarized lens construction.Essentially an embedded filter, polarized lens drastically reduced glare.
Oakley created a new polarized lens production method, including Infusion Molding. Where as other manufacturers “sandwiched” polarized filters within the lens, Oakley actually smelter the filter elements into the lens itself on a molecular level.
And like its Plutonite counterpart, the polarized lens from Oakley is impact resistant as well as multiple coatings to reduce dust and water buildup. But the only noticeable difference on appearance is the etched lettering “POLARIZED” on the left lens.

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