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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Introducing !! Lumete Eyewear !!!

Attic Safari - Turquoise Coast

Subtle lines of lustrous warm silver and bronze gradated to a beautiful translucent turquoise. The front shows an intricate play of geometric shapes and sensuous curves. Flirty modern take on a vintage drop temple in translucent turquoise with a warm silver overlay. Temple is adorned with a gorgeous silver plaque featuring the Lumete meditating lily icon.

Ulula - Blond Havana

Blond Havana dramatic cat-eye front, with bridge sculpting evocative of an owl’s pensive brow. Winged temples in translucent dark brown, reminiscent of vintage woodwork. The temples peek onto the front, creating a flirty fluid line from front to back.

Dramolete - Silver Mosaic

Lustrous silver mosaic acetate with sleek step cutting along the rim’s edge revealing inner meteor brown layer. Retrofuturistic look with a romantic feel. Tapered temples are accented with gunmetal Lumete signature seven-point star studs.

Oummaa - Black Cherry

In translucent burgundy, a dramatic chiseled front slopes toward the lens. Serpentine temples are decorated with silver etching and accented with Swarovski crystals.

Wanderling - Snowy Night

Double-layer acetate frame in white with a black overlay. A feminine aviator front meets beautifully painted temples with Lumete meditating lily icons in a red and white palette, accentuated by Swarovski crystals.

Based in New York City, Lumete (pronounced ‘lou-met’) is an independent designer eyewear brand for women, by women. Lumete is devoted to creating innovative, fine-quality eyewear and eyewear accessories. Its debut collection of handmade sunglasses combines sculptural detail, symbolic ornamentation and ultrafemininity with an avant-garde edge. Lumete is designed for the confident cosmopolitan woman who seeks unique pieces as a means to express her individuality.

More from lumete :

Lumete’s frames are designed and crafted for the discerning and confident cosmopolitan woman who seeks unique pieces as a means to express her individuality. Lumete’s handmade sunglasses combine sculptural detail, symbolic ornamentation and ultra-feminity with an avant-garde edge. The collection features five styles in four colorways each, incorporating richly-hued acetates with imbued patterns and layers, Swarovski crystals, custom hardware, intricate etching and painting, and flattering gradient tinted lenses. 

Aiming to elevate the importance of sunglasses as the ultimate accessory, founders Clara Herrera and Barbara Warren have launched Lumete as a refreshing, independent alternative to designer brands that license out their logo-driven eyewear lines to optical conglomerates. The difference shows in the uniqueness of Lumete designs, the comfortable fit, and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship.

Lumete proves its love of eyewear not only with its artfully designed frames but also with its unprecedented offering of stylish companion pieces. Each pair of Lumetes comes with an ensemble of accessories to keep and care for your sunglasses, including: signature hard clutch case, lumete locket (a chic eyewear holding necklace), soft pouch case, and microfiber lens cloth, all packed in a satin drawstring gift bag called “the Lumete treasure bag.”

The five styles in Lumete’s eclectic collection symbolize the various stages of a journey toward illumination. 
Attic Safari stands for curiosity and discovery. It seeks to invoke the feeling of entering a dusty attic and marveling at forgotten heirlooms and memory-steeped artifacts. 

Dramolete was inspired by the image of a sun-drunk butterfly fluttering into wakefulness. It represents the moment when inspiration becomes action. Oummaa symbolizes the swirling of the individual imagination with the creative force. Wanderling embodies the experience of the journey itself, as the explorer searches earth and sky in the quest for knowledge. Ulula represents self-knowledge. Inspired by the bird of wisdom, the frame evokes an owl on her throne, contemplating the world.

 Go to lumete to find out more.

All pics & info via lumete

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